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Partnership Session Two (after service)

September 17, 2017

12:00pm – 2:00pm

Category: Partnership

Brothers and sisters,

When it comes to important commitments, we think it's important to "make things official", don't we? A wedding for a marriage, a hearing for an adoption, a contract for a home, a certificate for a birth, an inauguration for a president.

But what about our commitment to the most important institution in the universe, the local church? If we are followers of Jesus, then God calls us to be committed to a local family of believers. But if we are committed, then how do we "make things official"? At Way of Grace, our answer is "Partnership".

To learn more about the blessing of formalizing your commitment to Way of Grace, please prayerfully consider the message: "Partnership in the Gospel" (available on our website at http://www.wayofgracechurch.com/sermons/sermon/2010-04-11/partnership-in-the-gospel--acts-2:37-47-

For those ready to learn more or start the Partnership process, please join us for our Partnership Class.